Important Resume Tips For Freshers

When applying for a job, a resume plays a crucial role. It helps you not only get an interview but also get inside the door of the company. 

A resume isn’t just a list of your qualifications and objective, though. It has a certain formality you have to follow to ensure they get read. 

It’s also the first document that an employer sees before hiring you, so it is very important for any job seeker to write in a way that can help you stand out.  

This article will look at the different parts of a resume and how to make it look good. 

Check out 10 important resume tips for you as a fresher. 

1. Select the Appropriate Resume Type

Making a great resume begins with choosing the right type of resume. A variety of resume formats are used by job applicants, including the combination resume, the chronological resume, and the functional resume.

There is a specific purpose for each resume format. 

Someone with many years of work experience, for instance, may benefit from a chronological resume. Resumes of this type show a candidate’s previous work history, starting with the most recent job. 

In your first job, you should create a functional resume that highlights your skills, instead of your experience.

2. Prepare a Resume Blueprint

To make your resume stand out, organize your resume content and plan your details ahead. This way, you will gain a better understanding of what should be included in your resume and what can be left out.

3. Include All of Your Contact Information.

Include all of your essential contact information on your resume, including your name, email address, phone number, and home address. 

A link to your LinkedIn profile can also make a good first impression. Employers conduct virtual interviews with their candidates these days, so you can also attach your Skype ID to minimize the gap between the application process and interview time.

4. Use an Eye-catching, Precise, and Engaging Headline.

Your resume headline is a brief summary of your academic background, career goal, and skills and certifications. You should compose a compelling headline that will get recruiters’ attention and elevate you to the top of their list.

The resume headline is often ignored by job applicants, but it can have a large impact on employers’ perceptions of your resume. Create an intriguing headline for your resume with relevant keywords to make yourself stand out!!

5. Provide a List of Your Educational Credentials.

Being a newcomer, it makes sense that you don’t have any prior work experience. So, it is imperative that you provide a comprehensive overview of your educational background. 

For this, you will want to make a table of the academic credentials you have earned up to the graduation/post-graduation, arranged in reverse chronological order. In addition, you can also highlight all of your certifications and give a summary of your cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

6. Showcase Your Skill Sets

The skills you should include are soft skills, technical skills, as well as job-specific skills relevant to the position you are seeking. After writing out your list, divide it into two columns by describing your skill in the first column and the level of expertise in the second. 

Make sure to use a job description with keywords that will make you stand out and help catch the attention of hiring managers.

7. Include Project Specifics and Internships

Recent graduates with no or little work experience can enhance their resumes with details about their projects and internships. As a fresher, describe your internships and projects in terms of duration and role. 

Also, don’t forget to use bullet points to make the content more readable. 

8. Discuss Any Extracurricular Activities You May Have Participated In

Provide information about your hobbies, interests, and passions is a must. Write down the quizzes, debates, hackathons, and sports events in which you participated. Asserting that you have multiple talents makes you appear more impressive. 

Remember to mention your event management and hosting experiences because they highlight your leadership skills.

9. Be Honest

Recruiters value and prefer candidates who are truthful. Make sure that your resume is entirely genuine and does not contain any false information. You should be aware that providing incorrect information can result in your account being blacklisted indefinitely.

10. Check Your Resume for Errors Before Submitting It

Make sure your resume is free of grammatical and spelling errors. You should avoid making grammar errors and typographical mistakes at any cost as they can adversely affect your credibility. In addition, make sure your CV is formatted well and that it is all written in the same font.

It’s also a good idea to keep your resume concise, simple, and to the point, ideally under two pages.

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