20 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers

There’s no denying that Google Chrome is a great browser. It’s fast, reliable, and comes with a number of great features. 

However, what makes it worthwhile and even more productive is its add-ons and extensions. 

The Google Chrome Web store is home to over ten thousand Extensions that are meant to make your browsing experience to the next level. 

And especially to marketers, the browser dedicates numerous extensions to help us save time and effort in our marketing activities. 

Below are some of the best and most useful Chrome Extensions you can use to facilitate your browsing experience as a marketer.

1. Grammarly

Useful For: Prevent spelling and grammar errors when drafting pages, documents, and emails.

Using Grammarly, you can easily highlight spelling and grammar errors in any text field, just as in Microsoft Word. By selecting the highlighted error, you will be able to quickly improve the quality and consistency of your writing.

Grammarly is free to use but has a Premium version available for advanced fixes such as better sentence formation, punctuation corrections and word choice. 


2. SEO Quake

Useful For: Identifying competitors for specific keywords in organic search and discovering display ads and pay-per-click ads that other businesses are currently running.

It continues to be a very useful tool for all things SEO. There are several features you can use with SEO Quake depending on what specific SEO endeavours you are pursuing. Located at the top of the browser window, the extension also presents core metrics – many of which can be customized.

SEMrush integration makes SEOquake even more powerful if you have a SEMrush subscription. 

SEO Quake

3. MozBar

Useful For: Optimizing a website’s keywords and determining the authority of the website overall.

MozBar combines functionality with the versatility to serve as a universal extension for marketers interested in the acquisition. Users can use this tool for comprehensive meta and link data analysis and for showing the Domain Authority of any website they visit in the taskbar. 

Its most popular feature is probably “Page Analysis,” which lets you get a snapshot of the page’s title, description, schema.org mark-up and more. 

It also provides “Link metrics,” which measure Page Authority, Domain Authority, and the number of root domains that link to a given domain. Even though the Mozbar is free, it is at its best when paired with a paid subscription, Moz Pro. 


4. Bitly

Useful For: Creating shorter links for social media posts.

When you click Bitly on the Chrome taskbar, you will be able to quickly create a custom short link (which can be customized) for the current page. If you’re planning a lot of social posts in a short period of time, this is of incredible help.


5. HashTest.io

Useful For: Finding the best hashtags for your social media posts

The extension tries to help you find the best hashtags for your social media content whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever. You can discover the best and most popular hashtags to increase your reach on Social Media.

Using super-popular hashtags will reduce your marginal return because everyone will use them. It’s equally useless to use obscure and little-utilized hashtags. Thus, the best hashtags are those which are both widely used and most likely to increase engagement.

HashTest helps you find such hashtags so you can use them in your social media posts. 


6. Keywords Everywhere

Useful For: Finding new keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns.

With Keywords Everywhere tool, you can add a box to any Google search results page that displays similar keywords to the one you searched for, the average click-through rate, and the measurement of competition. As you explore different Google search queries, the “Add keywords” feature allows you to compile a lengthy keyword list.

Keywords Everywhere

7. Similar Web

Useful For: Estimating competitor’s traffic.

Similar Web helps you see website traffic and key metrics for any website, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and traffic source. 

If you click the SimilarWeb extension in the Chrome taskbar, a dropdown appears that shows the statistics about a competing site, like its traffic sources and viewer location, including a performance graph. This can be useful for marketers for comparing your website to others and determining the reach of a potential co-marketing partner.

Similar Web

8. Wordtune

Useful For: 

Thanks to Wordtune, writing is no longer boring or lonely. With this AI-based writing companion, your writing becomes clearer, more compelling, and more genuine as it prompts you with ways to improve it.

Wordtune helps you express yourself better, whether you’re writing personal emails or creating documents for clients. It can help you rewrite sentences, change their tone & length and even translate them into various languages. 


9. Buffer

Useful For: scheduling and syndicating social media posts.

Buffer inserts icons into Twitter posts, allowing you to schedule retweets or commented retweets as well as add new posts to your social queue. You can also use the extension to quickly plan a social post that links to the URL you’re currently viewing, and simultaneously share things on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Useful For: It’s useful for determining someone’s email address.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator (formerly Rapportive) adds a sidebar to your Gmail account that displays information from the Linkedin profile associated with the email address you’re writing to. As a result, you can reverse engineer it and use the tool to validate guesses for a specific email address.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

11. Web Developer

Useful For: Learning how websites behave when HTML and JavaScript are turned off.

Web developers will find the Chrome Extension useful for testing code changes and triaging bugs, but marketers may also benefit from it to see how a webpage will appear to various search engines that don’t render HTML or JavaScript.

Web Developer

12. Tag Assistant (by Google)

Useful For: Verifying that all relevant tags are firing on a specific page.

Tag assistant monitors which tags are being fired by Google Tag Manager and then generates a list for you to inspect or export. It’s a simple tool, but it can be extremely useful when troubleshooting tracking issues on your website.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

13. The Soapbox

Useful For: Creating visually appealing how-to or tutorial videos.

Wistia’s Soapbox is a free tool that makes it easier to make visually appealing marketing videos. In Soapbox, you can record both your screen and webcam simultaneously, switching between full-screen and split-screen views while editing. 

This creates a new type of “presentation video” that moves past simple screencasts or webcam recordings and is perfect for product demonstrations or explainers.

The Soapbox

14. View the Rendered Source

Useful For: Comparing a page’s raw and rendered sources.

With more of the web relying on JavaScript rendering and single-page applications (including our new Channels feature), the “source” of a website isn’t always an accurate representation of the HTML and CSS once a page has fully loaded. Rendered Source extends Chrome’s built-in “view source” functionality by allowing you to view the fully rendered source alongside the raw source when you right-click on a page.

View the Rendered Source

15. Path Redirection

Useful For: Examining HTTP Status codes and identifying unnecessary or inefficient redirects.

Ayima’s Redirect Path includes an icon in the Chrome taskbar that displays the status code of the page you’re on. By clicking on the icon, you can see the series of redirects your browser went through to get to the current page.

Redirect Path

16. Buzzstream Buzzmarker

Useful For: Outreach and prospecting.

The Buzzstream Buzzmarker extension will crawl the website you’re on and pull contact information for relevant individuals associated with the website. You can then add these contacts directly to your Buzzstream database and use the outreach CRM to send an individual or bulk email to them.

Buzzstream Buzzmarker

17. TubeBuddy

Useful For: YouTube Optimization.

TubeBuddy is a must-have tool in the arsenal of any video marketer. It displays detailed analytics next to any YouTube video, including tags, view counts, and how many best practices a specific video follows. When you upload a video, TubeBuddy suggests tags and metadata optimizations to ensure you maximise the potential reach of the video you’ve just updated.


18. Ghostery

Useful For: Determining which trackers other sites are employing.

While Ghostery is primarily marketed as a tracker and ad blocker, it also provides a useful list of the trackers and cookies triggered by each page you visit. This data can be useful for competitor analysis and identifying tech stacks that power marketing funnels.


19. Developed Using Technology Profiler

Useful For: Discovering tech stacks and historical redirects.

The BuiltWith Technology Profiler is a free extension that includes some of the Built with platform’s features. Clicking the icon in the Chrome taskbar displays a long list of all the technology being used by a specific webpage, and the “redirects” tab displays all the root domains that redirect pages to the root domain you’re visiting.

Developed Using Technology Profiler

20. User-Agent Switcher 

Useful For: Testing how your website performs across various devices, browsers, and bots.

User-Agent Switcher, in a nutshell, allows you to override your default browser settings and view the web through the eyes of other devices and browsers. You can also add user-agents manually to mimic different bots and crawlers.

User-Agent Switcher

Wrap Up:

There are plenty of Chrome extensions out there that are specifically tailored to marketers and business owners. We hope that this article has helped you find some useful extensions that will make your life a little bit easier. 

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other questions about Chrome Extensions or if I have missed any useful extensions. 

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