Why Should Agencies Start Their Own Podcast and How? | Phil Pelucha

Image of Phil Pelucha
Phil Pelucha
Founder of Billionaires in Boxers
Are you an agency and looking forward to leveraging more organic ways to grow your agency? In the 16th episode, Sahil Shah hosts Phil Pelucha, the founder of Billionaires in Boxers, unique business services and a coaching company. Phil is among the top 100 podcasters across the web. He has produced and hosted more than 50 business podcasts and over 10 satellite television networks worldwide. He believes that podcasting is great way entrepreneurs and agencies can leverage to connect with their audience and build a relationship with them. In this episode, he explains the importance of having a podcast for an agency. Taking the example of businesses and relationships, he points out that the first impression is a common thing between two subjects. Like first impression matters in a relationship, it also matters in a business too. Listen to the full podcast and learn about podcasting from this professional podcaster.

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