How To Show Up Like YOU Online | Jocelyn Brady

Image of Jocelyn Brady
Jocelyn Brady
Story CEO at Scribe
Perhaps one of the most entertaining episodes of this digital marketing podcast, it was such fun hosting Jocelyn Brady. Jocelyn is a brain coach by profession and has been serving as a Story CEO at Scribe, a marketing and advertising agency from Portland, Oregon. Her journey, from the moment she was born to this day, is very inspiring. She was born on the arctic tundra. She was homeless by 7 and homeowner by 30. She talks everything about showing up online pretty straightforwardly. She believes that there are some dos and don’ts of being online. The podcast speaks on how one can manage their anger while being active on the internet, how to truly be yourself while you’re online and everything about being online that are relevant to every internet user. Listen to this hilarious yet informative episode of how to show up like you online.

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