How Live Streaming Can Amplify Your Customer Reach and Engagement | Grace Duffy

Image of Grace Duffy
Grace Duffy
Live Video Host and Podcaster
Have you ever gone live on YouTube or your brand’s most-followed social media channel? If you still haven’t, the podcast featuring Grace Duffy will help you to kick-start! One of the very fortunate moments for our podcast when Grace joined us and explained the importance of live streaming on social media reach and engagement. Grace is the Virtual Event Manager at Restream, the most popular multistreaming service from Austin, Texas. Besides Restream, her marketing journey includes working with widespread companies like Social Media Examiner and Travelocity. In the episode, she has spoken about how brands can interact with their audience using live streaming and how they can go live using various ways! Learn how live streaming can be beneficial to your brand with Sahil Shah and Grace and you’ll quickly become a fan!

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