Growth Marketing Strategies For 2021 – Troy Sandidge

Image of Troy Sandidge
Troy Sandidge
founder of the Strategy Hacker and a Clubhouse enthusiast
In the 5th episode of Digital of Business | Business of Digital, Sahil Shah hosted Troy Sandidge, the founder of the Strategy Hacker and a Clubhouse enthusiast. Troy has more than 10 years of experience in growth marketing, maximizing revenue, increasing brand visibility and developing social communities. Throughout his career, he has guided small businesses, fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs on the way to growth. He has also been a host of iDigress, a digital marketing podcast from Chicago, Illinois. Besides, she is the Livestream Producer of TedX San Antonio. Listen to him to learn the best Growth Marketing Strategies for 2021. 1. Carrie Cousins Carrie is a Content Writer and Marketer who has more than 15 years of experience in media, design and content marketing. Her write-ups have appeared in notable publications such as Design Shack, Webdesigner Depot, The Next Web, and Fast Company. She is currently serving as the Director of Communications at Roanoke Regional Partnership, which acts as a catalyst to find new talent and funds for the Roanoke Region of Virginia. In conversation with Sahil Shah, she talks about things that every digital marketing professional should know! Are you a digital marketing professional? If yes, You must know about all these things shared about Carrie in the podcast. 2. Filip Simonovski Influencer Marketing is still one trending marketing game for social media in 2021. And it was such an excellent episode on Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021. To discuss the trends, we had Filip Simonovski with us in the podcast. He is a Social Media Marketer and who is currently running his own agency – Nexion. His specialization in content marketing and social media marketing has brought him opportunities to work with global brands like Microsoft, Radisson Hotel Group, UBER, Deliveroo and others. Listen to Sahil Shah hosting him and discussing crucial influencer marketing trends for the new year.

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