Building Self-Branding through LinkedIn & it’s Importance | Lena Sesardic

Image of Lena Sesardic
Lena Sesardic
Director of Biz Dev at OpenTemp
A product manager turned Entrepreneur, Lena believes in tasting her own ideas and bringing something innovative to the realm of technology. In 2020, she quit her job to research and experiment on her own ideas and self-published a book called The Making of Product Managers. She has also developed and scaled a web application for financial advisors which won the award of Professional Innovator of the Year Award in 2018. She is also a contributor author of the two most popular publications on Medium such as The Startup and Product Coalition. In conversation with Sahil Shah, she talks about the importance of self-branding on LinkedIn. According to her, LinkedIn is a great place for self-branding as it allows connect and network with like-minded people. Get to know more such valuable tips on using LinkedIn from herself by listening to the full episode.

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