Brand Building on Social Media Platforms | Kinjal Rajpriya

Image of Kinjal Rajpriya
Kinjal Rajpriya
Actress and Influencer
It was great to host Kinjal, one of the most successful actresses in the history of Gujarati cinema in the last episode of Netsavvies Marketing E-Summit. A charming personality in herself, Kinjal’s stellar performances in superhit urban Gujarati films like Chhelo Divas, Shu Thayu, Saheb and more have earned her great admiration and recognition on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. That being said, Kinjal has been a social media influencer ever since. In talks with Sahil Shah, she shares her views on building a brand on social media platforms. She talks about her journey of becoming a social media influencer. Watch the whole episode on YouTube and listen to her inspirational journey.

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