Traditional to Digital Era: Keys to be Sustainable

Faheem Ahmed, Founder & CEO - BYT Digital
Faheem Ahmed
Founder & CEO - BYT Digital
Zarine Bharda
Zarine Bharda
Founder of Healing Oilistic
Raajiv Patel
Raajiv Patel
VP Radio City India

Faheem Ahmed possesses incredible work experience and provides services such as SEO, Blogging, real estate marketing, mobile marketing and more.

Raajiv Patel has been working in Media for more than 18 years across all major mediums like print, audiovisual and audio.

Zarine Bharda is a lifestyle blogger, yoga instructor and the founder of healing oilistic.

Watch the roundtable discussion on ‘Traditional to Digital Era: Keys to be Sustainable’ by this incredible panel. The session was part of the Netsavvies Marketing e-Summit.

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