Social Media Audit, It’s Importance and Future Predictions – Dimos Papadopoulos

Dimos Papadopoulos
Dimos Papadopoulos
Analytics Product Manager at PepsiCo

A social media audit is essential to evaluate your campaign and measure the success. In the 13th episode of our podcast, we hosted Dimos, the Marketing Analytics Manager at Pepsico, London, England.

As a digital native professional, he has worked with various notable corporations such as SONY, Robert Bosch, PVH, Adidas across Belgium and Netherlands. He shares a keen interest in digital and eCommerce strategies and he believes that every small business investing in social media marketing should conduct an audit, if not monthly then yearly.

Besides, he believes that success can be achieved overnight but sustainable success is real. Watch the video or listen to the podcast and have more invaluable tips on creating social media audits.

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