Power of Clubhouse – The Swiss Army Knife You Need To Grow Your Business | Troy Sandidge

Troy Sandidge
Troy Sandidge
The Global Director of Content and Community at TIO

Being a marketing evangelist with an unmatchable zest for distributing knowledge, Troy’s shares a keen interest in every new breakthrough in digital marketing.

Clubhouse is the latest innovation in the area of social media and Troy has kinda mastered it at its beginning. It is going to be the next major social media platform for marketing. And Troy relates it with a Swiss Army Knife that you need to grow your business.

He is the founder of The Strategy Hackers, a marketing and advertising firm based in Chicago, IL.

Throughout his marketing career of 9+ years, he has helped entrepreneurs, companies and fortune 100 brands grow using his dynamic marketing strategies. His views are featured in leading global websites such as Business Insider, Yahoo, HuffPost

His session was one of the most inspiring ones and enjoyed by the attendees who haven’t been on the Clubhouse app before.

Watch the full video with a thrilling Clubhouse experience starring the Clubhouse Marketing expert!

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