Leveraging Organic Social Media for Small Businesses | Casey Bull

Casey Bull
The Global Director of Content and Community at TIO

In the last episode of LJSMS, we hosted Casey Bull, the Global Director of Content and Community at TIO. Casey is a Management professional by education and has been in social media marketing for five years.

It was very inspiring to learn from her as the way she spoke on using organic social media, articulated her expertise. Leading the TIO organization and having created holistic social media marketing strategies made her a leading social media marketing professional around her niche.

Her views on content planning & management, hashtags exploitation, social media engagement and more will help you better understand the organic portion of social media.

In current times, old organic social media techniques no longer work! In that case, how small businesses can rely on social media without compromising on their budget?

The solution to this business hurdle is in this session with Casey Bull.

If you’re a small business and want to leverage some organic techniques that work in the new year, this is for you! Click this link below and watch the entire episode on YouTube.

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