Intersection & Impact of Blockchain & Digital Marketing | Mark Brown

Mark Brown
Blockchain evangelist and a digital marketing expert

The next-gen technology is already popular in current times, and digital marketing is one of the fields wherein it can be used to ease up a lot of things. Mark Brown, a blockchain evangelist and a digital marketing expert was invited to discuss the intersection and Impact of Blockchain and Digital Marketing.

Mark is the face of blockchain and digital marketing for various channels across Britain such as CNBC, NBC. According to him, blockchain technology is a century old, but it has gained prominence due to cryptocurrency. Blockchain is designed in a way that allows market transparency because its transaction ledger is open to the public.

Mark also advised that using the technology, marketing costs can be reduced as blockchain removes the need for middlemen.

Watch the full video on YouTube in which Sahil Shah hosts the technology evangelist and envisions the future of blockchain.

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